the only thing that's left to do is live

This is a short experimental film by Xavier Chassaing. Apart from being visually stunning, the technique and skill that has gone into the making of the film is remarkable. What looks like a film is in fact 35,000 photographs with 3D mapped projections. Being a young director, he doesn’t have the facilities or financial support to create something commercially brilliant. He just looks at things as “what can you do with what you have”. In an article he said What I have was an apartment, a small DSLR camera, a small computer and a small videoprojector. I also made a contraption who looks like a motion control but with the particularity of moving extremely slow who allowed me to take sequences of pictures with long exposure. (1frame per second, with 1 second of exposure). Even the best camera can not compete with this kind of sensitivity if they shoot at normal speed. So, I did everything myself from the 3d animation that I project on object, building the machine, the editing etc… I think that Chassaing is a true inspiration to the world today, where people don’t have very much money to buy fancy equipment, and that this video Scintillation is an incredible film which seems quite simple but beautiful, has an incredibly complex construction. I think it’s a piece that shows if you work hard at something, you’ll get something incredible out of it.

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